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Welcome on the LEVO website! 


This is LEVO: With the touch of a button you are elevated to a safe, comfortable standing position to interact with your active life. At work, in school or at home, LEVO standing wheelchairs, offer exactly what you need: Independence, Mobility, Support, Health and Quality of life.

Each wheelchair is designed with over 40 years of experience, research, development and clients and users feedback. LEVO is proud to offer wheelchairs that combine seating and standing positions matched to your unique biomechanical dynamics with superior maneuverability, size, weight, aesthetics and adjustability. All models are reviewed and certified by internationally approved testing institutes.

40 years of standing!

In 2015 LEVO celebrated it's 40th anniversary. Over 40 years of experience in standing wheelchair development and production. With great pride, we are looking at the future. A future with some very exciting things to come!


The experience of standing

We cannot be clear enough: there are huge benefits when you can stand up. We all know we were 'designed' to stand upright. Please read this article about a veteran standing up for the first time in 17 years.


Our Partners

Levo has distributors in over 30 countries worldwide. They are trained in the assesment, maintanance and repairs of the Levo product range. Please contact them to find your local dealer.