4 wheel drive and functionality combined

Sometimes there are tough choices. Should you select a power chair that is small and can go anywhere indoors, or one with the safety and power to take you anywhere you want to go outside?

Problem solved! With the LEVO MAX 100 you get the best of both worlds. Indoors, the MAX's innovative mid-wheel drive and suspension system allow you to easily navigate through small spaces. Outdoors, Max's powerful four wheel drive system will safely take you go places the standard two wheel drive chair just can't go.


Excellent driving experience


The 4 wheel drive base combined with the best in class seat system provides you with the feeling of driving a comfortable and solid platform. In real life, the overall dimensions are small and give you the opportunity to drive indoors without compromise.

Due to the continious 4 wheel drive, MAX offers excellent curb and ramp climbing. There is always traction, even when the center wheels are of the ground! Outdoor driving gets even more comfortable due tothe Multi axle suspension system. While driving, this multi axle suspension system moves vertically, as wellas diagonally and therefore intercepts obstacles in any direction.

All of this combined with a proven quality control system and high power 2 or 4 pole motors with speeds up to 10km/h provide you with the power you need for turning on the spot and driving outdoors in challenging environments.


Seating system


The MAX 100 comes equipped with the Sedeo Lite seat system. This innovative design delivers exceptional comfort and adjustability in one solution. It combines a highly adjustable frame with a wide choice of support and positioning options.

Add the cushions and backrest that you choose to maximize your comfort and you have the solution that works for your situation.

With MAX and Sedeo Lite it´s easy!

  • Highlights

  • Standard configuration

  • Options and accessoiries

  • Technical Details

  • Center Wheel Drive for maximum maneuverability
  • Four wheel drive freedom to explore new places
  • Extreme safety and stability that only 4W MAX drive can deliver
  • Best in class climbing up to 11 cm (4.3 Inches)
  • Multi axle suspension for maximum comfort on any surface
  • Best in class Sedeo lite modular seating system standard with total configurability and center point of gravity adjustment
  • Proven quality components used throughout MAX
  • High torque 2 or 4 pole motors
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Various front wheel heights available
  • Powered 4WD wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use
  • Front drive wheel ground clearance of 6 mm
  • Seat height 46.5 cm
  • Speed 6 km/h, 2-Pole Motors
  • Drive and front wheels air
  • Double rear castors puncture proof
  • Multi-axle suspension
  • Maximum user weight 136 kg
  • Manually adjustable seat tilt 0, 3 and 6°
  • VR2 control system from PG Drives Technology, fixed controller bracket
  • 50 Ah AGM batteries
  • 24V/6A charger
  • Sedeo Light seat frame, fully adjustable (Seat width, depth, angle, height, backrest angle and center of gravity)
  • Sedeo Light cushion 5 cm and sling backrest
  • Central legrest
  • Folding backrest
  • Frame color: black
  • Removable armrests with armrest pads 30 cm
  • Vehicle tie-downs
  • Headlights, Turn signals, Brake lights
  • Powered tilt up to 50°
  • Powered seat elevation 30 cm (11.8”)
  • A large variety of backrests and seat cushions
  • Angle adjustable central leg rest
  • 4 pole motors
  • 4 colors + 190 RAL colors on request
  • ....and many more (see the order form)

 MAX 100 sizes

MAX 100        
Seat width (SW) 40-51 cm 15.7-20 "
Total width (W) 61 cm 24 "
Total length (L) 105 cm 41.3 "
Total height (H) 106 cm 41.7 "
Seat height, min. 45 cm


Seat depth 42-50 cm 16.5-19.7 "
Turning circle 113 cm 44.5 "
Speed 6 or 10  km/h 3.7 or 6.2 mph
Range with 50 Ah batteries 25 km 15.5 mi
Maximum safe slope 15 °    
Maximum curb climbing 11 cm 4.3 "
Maximum load 136 kg 299 lbs

Changes in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.

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